Book Review : King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard


Where to start? I loved Red Queen, liked LOVED it! Glass Sword fell really flat for me and I was 30226723concerned about how Kings Cage would turn out. After finishing the book I can honestly say that it improved the series significantly. Even though it was slow in the beginning, it was needed. We needed the time to see how both Mare and Maven would handle her imprisonment and how it would affect their characters. After finishing Glass Sword I wasn’t really the biggest fan of Mare. She completely redeemed herself in my eyes throughout Kings Cage.  She has endured so much, and grown so much. I am really looking forward to see how she grows more throughout book 4. Maven…..where do I start with him? He is such a fascinating character. Yes, he is horrible and does unspeakable things but we get way more insight into why.  At times you hate him and all he does. Other times you may start to find yourself feeling bad for the emotionally tortured boy king. I have a feeling that book 4 will show him trying to redeem himself, in some twisted way of his.

“Through it all, I stare at the boy on the throne. He maintains his mask. Jaw clenched, lips pressed into a thin, unforgiving line. Still fingers, straight back. But his gaze wavers. Something in his eyes has gone far away. And at his collar, the slightest gray flush rises, painting his neck and the tips of his ears.
He’s terrified.
For a second, it makes me happy. Then I remember―monsters are most dangerous when they’re afraid.”
Victoria Aveyard, King’s Cage

I liked the use of multiple POV’s, and I really liked the Author’s choice to use Evangeline as a POV. I think she was a great narrator and we learned so much more about her. I actually ended up really liking her and looking forward to her chapters. I hope we get more of her in book 4. The other POV was Cameron. I would have chosen someone else from the Guard; I found it harder for the book to hold my attention during her chapters. I think Farley would have been a good choice, and I would have liked to see things from her perspective, especially with all that was going on with her.

“To stand in front of a person who is your whole world and be told you are not enough. You are not the choice. You are a shadow to the person who is your sun.”
― Victoria Aveyard, King’s Cage

The book was definitely entertaining, especially the second half of the book.  I did see the ending coming, but it still wrecked me.  Over-all, it was an excellent read. The writing was beautiful. The characters were tormented, broken, yet strong. This book brought on major feels.  I highly recommend this book, especially if you were unsure about the series after reading Glass Sword. It is worth it to keep going. Now, if only book 4 was out sooner!


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