Top 5 Thursday : Psychological Thriller/Mystery/Crime Books

Welcome to another Top 5 Thursday! This week I am focusing on a Genre that I love, but feel i don’t read enough of. So here we go!

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter: This was my first Karin Slaughter book and it got me hooked! I am now a huge fan and have almost completed her other books. Petty Girls was a dark, twisted and disturbing read, with lots of shock and craziness. . This book kept me on the edge of my seat from page one!


Heartsick by Chelsea Cain : If you find serial killers (especially female killers) utterly fascinating then this is the book for you! This is actually the first book in a series, and its fantastic. The characters are well-developed, complicated and completely messed up.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn : I feel this is an obvious pick and will be on a lot of peoples lists. I loved this book. I was completely surprised with this one, I did not see the twist coming. This book was widely popular, as was the movie. I think this is a good book to read if you are new to the genre.


Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter : Yes, i know I already have Karin on my list but this series is just to amazing not to include! I just love Karin Slaughters books. This series is fast-paced , disturbing and suspenseful. There is this series and a spin-off series, both are more crime driven then psychological thriller.


Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson : Personally, I found this book very thrilling. Our main character was complex and interesting. Being inside her mind was a wonderful ride. This book was creepy because we never knew what to believe or who was really who….




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