Review Policy


If you are a publisher or are self-published and would like me to review a book, please keep reading 🙂

I typically read Young Adult books of all genres as well as Adult Fiction, New Adult and the occasional non-fiction. Physical Books (Arcs or completed) are preferred but Audiobooks and E-Books are great as well!

Books I will accept for review:

Young Adult (all genres), Adult Fiction (all genres), New Adult , Non-Fiction (biography and autobiography)

Books I don’t accept:

Poetry, Religious Books, Erotic Novels, Children’s Books, Graphic Novels

My reviews will always be 100% honest and I cannot guarantee that I will enjoy each and every book. I will do my best to read and review books within a certain time frame. If you require the book to be read by a certain date, please notify me of this during your request.  

I reserve the right to not finish and/or review a book that I have accepted. 

With any book sent to me I will always include all the books details, including where I received it from, on my social media platforms.

Full reviews will be posted on this site as well as on Goodreads. I will post condensed reviews on Amazon and other related sites, if applicable.

If you are interested in sending me a copy of your book, contact me at

Happy Reading,